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A Complete HRM Software

MyPeopler, a complete HRM Software with integrated Payroll, Administrative System. It is engineered with compact systems which allows any organisation to use a single software for their administration activities. MyPeopler is a cloud based HR Software that allows you to keep up-to-date records of your organisation and employees. We are offering high data security and efficient data management with secure cloud system backup.

Major Highlights :

  • Track Real Time Employees Attendance
  • Generate Payroll in Efficient Way
  • Track Organisation Expenses
  • Recruit New Employees
  • Secured File Management

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Reasons to choose MyPeopler HRMS


Improved Data Management

A HRMS can manage all employee data as well as information for the organisational purpose and safety reasons.


Employee self info management

A HRMS allows employees to login to their employees portal and fill up the necessary details required by the organisation.


Central Storage

As the organisational data is stored in the cloud server. It is safe and is being backed up in a cloud server. As the data are stored in a cloud, users should not worry about their physical storage and could extract data easily.


Fewer Systems to Manage

MyPeopler, a complete HRMS is a compact software which contains Administrative System, Attendance System, Payroll Management which enables users to use all the features in a single software.


Employee Development

MyPeopler comes with the feature of Award Management which encourages employees to work hard for their organisation. Distributing awards naturally motivates your employees to be a better version of themselves.


On-Demand Reporting

HRMS made reporting easy and quick. Users can get the details or summary information about the employees, payroll details.


Measuring Program Effectiveness

With the effective use of the HRMS in an organisation, the admin user can track the organisation’s progress and activities of the employees. The admin user can analyse the organisation’s environment.


Management and tracking of recruiting data

MyPeopler enables the organisation to recruit new employees without the help of any other second party. MyPeopler is offering a Job Portal where users can post the vacancy announcement and hire people accordingly.

HRMS Key Features

  • Document Management
  • Employee Onboarding and Administration
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Employee Management
  • Onboarding and Recruitment
  • Performance Management
  • Learning and Professional Development
  • Payroll Management
  • Detail Reporting and Analysis
  • Notice Management

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